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Art in the Computer Game Environment brings together art and gaming culture
9.9. bis 23.9.2011. Istanbul (Ausstellung: Ab 14.9.2011)
SPACE INVADERS Space Invaders – Art in the Computer Game Environment brings together art and gaming culture in Istanbul. The group exhibition shows the influence of video games on art and society both in playful and serious ways.The playful and engaging exhibition ‘Space Invaders,’ previously displayed in England and the Netherlands, will be coming to Istanbul with an addition providing the pivoting point of the Kurye Video and Digital Arts Festival, to be held from Sept. 9 to 23 in Istanbul. The festival will also feature numerous artist talks, workshops, seminars and city walks. Video and Digital Arts Festival Kurye will meet its spectators this year between September 9-23 at the YEM (The Building Information Center) building with its new edition dedicated to video games. Structured around a main exhibition called Space Invaders, the festival will also include screenings, seminars, workshops and live performances and examine the boundaries between real life and the world of video games.

The exhibition will showcase works by numerous renowned artists including Anita Fontaine, Aram Bartholl, Brody Condon, Cao Fei, Captain Video, Dave Griffiths, David Kaplan & Eric Zimmerman, Dgmnd, Eddo Stern, Guillaume Raymond, Jasper De Beijer, Jodi, Julian Oliver, Ludic Society, Kelly Goeller, Mark Essen, Michael Johansson, Robin Arnott, Ubermorgen and Walter Langelaar and bring a considerable number of them to Istanbul for workshops and artist talks to share insight into their works with the support of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

September 14-23 at the YEM
The Building Information Centre
Y.E.M. - Yapi-Endüstri Merkezi Fulya Mah
Yesilcimen Sok. No:12/430
34394 Fulya, Istanbul, Turkey
Space Invaders
Jasper de Beijer
TZR Galerie Kai Brückner