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HOLY DISORDERS. Margriet Smulders
Press text. TZR Galerie Kai Brückner. February 12th to April 2nd 2016

As part of the Dusseldorf Photo Weekend 2016 we are presenting the exhibition Holy Disorders with works by the Dutch artist Margriet Smulders. So far Smulders’ images could be rarely seen in Germany, most recently in an exhibition of the DZ Bank Art Collection in Frankfurt.

When discussing Margriet Smulders’ flower pictures the similarities to 17th century still life paintings are always being referred to. In fact, flowers, petals and, occasionally, vases are the visual protagonists in the works shown here. Even the color palette appears comparable to the paintings of history. But this is where the similarities with the historic “role models” come to an end. The photographs by Margriet Smulders overflow with shapes and colors that appear to be pushing out of the center of the image to the edges and inundate one’s perception. Reflections and cloudy colors produce irritating, not resolvable spaces that oscillate between two and three dimensional areas. The observation does not necessarily try to decrypt a symbolic language, but rather tries to encourage the experience of an immediate sensation. Smulders points out aspects of sensuality and eroticism, emotion and organic physicality. At this level, a comparison with Araki’s images is far more obvious than with historical still life painting. Smulders works purely analog. She arranges her motives in front of the camera exactly the same way as they appear in the final picture. Complicated studio installations with mirrors, pools, specially made glass objects, flowers etc. are the marvelous subjects her art is based on. However, behind the pleasant appearance the whole depth of human life remains concealed.
TZR Galerie Kai Brückner