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Japer de Beijer. Aktuelle Ausstellungen in den Niederlanden
Encounters. Hidden stories from our own collection
Amsterdam (NL)
30.11.2012 bis 14.7.2013

An African power figure meets an Apple computer, and an artwork with portraits by Marlene Dumas encounters a German sample card of forty different eye colours. Tropenmuseum present’s an ode to its collection in the exhibition Encounters. Hidden stories from our own collection. Very different objects are paired with each other: contemporary art, popular art, utensils, objects used during rituals, and trivial or even extremely valuable things. What do they say about the world of then and now, about image forming and contacts between different cultures?

Linnaeusstraat 2
1092 CK Amsterdam (The Netherlands) T: +31 (0)20 5688200

Di - So: 10 bis 17 Uhr
Rotterdam (NL)

3 animations of each 7 minutes: views from a river, a hill and a path.
Energy company Eneco approached the artist Jasper de Beijer (1973, Amsterdam) to produce an artwork especially for the company's main office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The artist designed and developed three animation movies where the focus lies on the Dutch landscape. For this project de Beijer has been focusing on the landscape drawings, etchings and engravings from Dutch masters like Hercules Seghers, Jacob van Ruisdael, Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh.

Their vision and interpretation of the Dutch landscape has been the starting point for developing his own vision on the landscape through the ages; untouched and dynamic at the same time.

The artist has taken fragments of the works of these masters and translated these elements in a 3 dimensional surrounding; the result is that the world of these old masters comes to life in a virtual 3D environment, where pieces of drawings, etchings and engravings alternately play a role in a virtual trip through the landscape, from 3 different points of view we see the surroundings change, the time elapse, the style and artistic views interchange.

A journey through a landscape where everything changes, but remains the same.

3d Modelling: Thijs Linssen
After Effects: Peter van der Es

Youtube video

Jasper de Beijer: Aus der Serie Marabunta
TZR Galerie Kai Brückner